How to sell Tiffany jewelry securely and for the greatest price

If you never ever wear your Tiffany engagement ring and other jewellery, sell.

Tiffany doesn’t get straight back jewellery, if you desire to promote your things, you’ll want to check out choices particularly a pawn store, precious jewelry store, or on-line marketplaces.

Tiffany & Co. provides stood the test period, continuing to be a legendary piece of US background at each and every milestone. Due to this legacy, a Tiffany & Co. piece of precious jewelry holds lots of worth, shown within its resale price. Meaning you may well be capable of getting a return any time you offer the Tiffany precious jewelry.

Have actually questions relating to attempting to sell Tiffany? In this post we will describe what to do with unwanted Tiffany jewelry, how exactly to figure out what your own jewellery is really worth, and where you could sell.

First, why don’t we experience choices for offering Tiffany jewellery:

Where you should offer Tiffany jewellery

Thankfully, you can find reliable places where you are able to rest assured you will get a fantastic price attempting to sell your diamond Tiffany precious jewelry with a business enterprise with a good reputation, such as:

  • Market residences
  • Precious jewelry stores
  • Pawn retailers
  • Online marketplaces

Sell Tiffany at a pawn shop

will provide you with fast cash, but shell out the lowest sum for precious jewelry, especially a brand name portion like Tiffany.

Jewellery shop near you

A local jewelry shop is generally a good option for selling your Tiffany jewellery, particularly if you have actually a relationship with a jeweler you count on.

Take into account that local jewelers have high expense for houses and staff. Your competitors for neighborhood jewelers is a lot below web buyers, whom vie internationally and now have been found to pay a greater, more aggressive rate.

While there are benefits of
going neighborhood
, fundamentally, online diamond purchaser marketplaces are a significantly better choice to sell your Tiffany jewelry.

Offer at a precious jewelry market

Public auction houses
like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, as well as other internet based precious jewelry deals are typically contemplating very top-quality pieces, specifically those with important provenance and recorded record.

Worthy’s internet based auction market is accessible to everyone with precious jewelry well worth at least $1,000.

Sell Tiffany online

There are numerous web jewellery buyers, as well as
diamond buyers
, a few of them are worth using. I elaborate from the big members into the web expensive jewelry seller industry.

The key benefits of selling your Tiffany precious jewelry or any other good parts with a reliable on line customer would be that they are more inclined to allow you to get the best price, since their reach is actually nationwide as well as international, while a regional jeweler is actually limited to that certain location and most likely one set of vision to look for the price and supply.

When I will elaborate on the following, we recommend for attempting to sell jewellery with
is all of our advice, by way of their very secure process, cost-free GIA document, and A+ Better Business Bureau status.
Get an estimate with Worthy now >>

Honorable mention

Diamonds American
purchases all-sized expensive diamonds — also gemstones, silver, gold and coins, flatware and a lot more. A+ Better Business Bureau rated.

Tips offer Tiffany to an expert jewellery buyer online

When you’re offering high-end jewelry like Tiffany online, it pays — practically — to offer to a professional and expert jewellery consumer. There are distinct on-line specialist precious jewelry buyers, including market houses, consignment stores, an internet-based jewelers.

When you are offering Tiffany jewellery, do your homework and pick a company that contains a strong reputation. Examine scores from Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, and read previous customer critiques. Eg, Worthy is a BBB-accredited company with an A+ status and 4.45/5 performers based on customer evaluations. In addition it has actually 4.7/5 stars from Trustpilot.

Just how to sell your Tiffany jewellery online using

If the outdated jewelry will probably be worth more than $1,000, features specially unusual pearls or perhaps is a brand like Tiffany or
, all of our suggestion is actually, an internet precious jewelry marketplace that can auction your own item to a huge selection of jewellery purchasers.

Worthy is an excellent choice because:

  • They’ve got a good reputation as a top-rated public auction platform.
  • You can get a totally free GIA lab document with every sale.
  • They offer cost-free FedEx shipping.
  • Free Lloyds of London coverage around $100,000
  • Market program assists drive costs to promote highs.
  • Market has actually numerous qualified purchasers
  • These are generally quick and trustworthy.

My encounters with Worthy are excellent, and that I highly recommend all of them. Study our analysis
to learn more about our very own number 1 referral for places to offer jewelry and watches, or get a
complimentary worthwhile estimation today >>

If you have more compact diamonds, or silver, sterling silver, gemstones, coins or flatware, we recommend

The blissful luxury online auction household recognizes the worth of Tiffany & Co. jewellery and addresses it using utmost treatment.

I could confirm Worthy’s quality treatment after browsing company’s head office in New York City and seeing the way they handle the jewelry.

So, how exactly does work?

Detailing your own Tiffany & Co. jewellery with Worthy is easy.

  1. Start by
    signing to the website
    , revealing some photographs of one’s jewelry, and explaining it. Centered on that description, Worthy will provide you with a quote regarding the market price for your object.
  2. If you are contemplating selling, Worthy will send you a FedEx mailer insured up to $100k and answered their Ny headquarters.
  3. When you send within jewellery, the GIA group (by far the most established diamond graders around) will grade and approve your own jewelry, supplying a study obtainable as well as your purchasers.
  4. With at least cost predicated on GIA’s report, you may either bring in the appraisal cost, accumulating the best price whether it surpasses that minimum, ready your very own minimal (without assurances), or set a buy-it-now rate.
  5. When your Tiffany & Co. jewellery is available, you will definately get paid within a few working days by PayPal or examine.

Best ways to sell Tiffany jewelry or a diamond engagement ring near myself?

It seems sensible that you will need to use some one locally, the person you may already know or perhaps is a dependable person in your area. I know i like conducting business on important matters with a human, face-to-face. There are some
positives going regional
, but in the long run, online diamond customer marketplaces are a far better solution to resell the Tiffany jewelry.

When you need to promote your diamond ring for cash, you might want to get a quote from an area jeweler or
pawn store
to start out your journey to resell the Tiffany gemstone and other Tiffany jewelry. Locate some one you can trust, request information from, check out Yelp reviews for location jewelers, along with your Better Business Bureau. Much more about having your
diamond appraised.

In this initial phase of attempting to sell, We inspire you to definitely educate yourself concerning your jewellery. Check out this guide on
offering diamonds

Are you experiencing a Cartier FANCY wristband or container view?
Just how to offer the Cartier jewellery safely, on line
. Discover more about
attempting to sell Harry Winston

Things to find out about Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany is one of the most trustworthy, cherished companies into the jewelry market.

A current review of nearly 6,000 customers by research company Kadence as an international Tiffany & Co. precious jewelry as having the highest ratings for deluxe brand names, as described by actions including item high quality, item distinctiveness, brand heritage, suffering attraction, status, exclusivity, and a feel-good element.

Tiffany engagement bands are preferred of all branded diamond bands, and for that reason more expensive than an unsigned bit of jewelry.

Reputation of Tiffany & Co.

You may be thinking exactly how Tiffany & Co. came into existence very iconic.

While Truman Capote might’ve helped, the precious jewelry monster was a timeless long before it graced the major screen during the 1960s.

It all were only available in the 1830s when a unique Yorker called Charles Tiffany opened what he labeled as a “stationery and extravagant items”  store on Broadway. From its inception, the store was actually known among New York socialites for the trendy fine jewelry.

As Tiffany’s web site reflects, that which was unique about Tiffany had been the thoroughly clean, modern United states design, which stood right out of the greatly decorated Victorian development (image substantial jewel-encrusted rings, as well as your great grandmother’s broaches).

Quickly toward 1878, whenever Tiffany & Co. purchased a dazzling yellowish diamond from South Africa, weighing-in in excess of 200 carats (end up being however my personal center), and took worldwide by violent storm.

Next, in 1886, Tiffany provided you the current gemstone, entirely departing from Victorian bezel configurations to a ring that centered on showing the vibrant diamond.

While the designs possess altered ever since then, a very important factor never did: The Tiffany bluish package.

The coveted robin’s egg bluish field perfectly cinched with a white satin ribbon can be as unique a part of the feeling because precious jewelry alone.

Exactly why am I letting you know this all?

Regardless of it becoming fantastic background that piqued my personal interest, there’s a financial ethical with the story:

Women worldwide dream of running precious jewelry from Tiffany & Co., and that is good news if you’re looking to market yours!

Simple tips to assess just what Tiffany precious jewelry will probably be worth

Before you decide to sell your own Tiffany jewelry or see, spend some time in order to comprehend it really is selling worth and well worth:

Will be the Tiffany selling price large?

Yes, Tiffany resale worth is actually large.

Tiffany jewelry keeps its resale importance above any branded precious jewelry caused by:

  • Continuous, sought after for Tiffany precious jewelry
  • Timeless design and top quality involving Tiffany involvement rings also jewellery

Ongoing advertising and marketing by Tiffany For more than 100 years, the phrase “Tiffany” might similar to deluxe. The jeweler’s elegant types and its own increased exposure of quality stones and metals has made the store a well liked place to go for the rich and famous in addition to for those pursuing classic charm.

For this reason this precious jewelry sometimes keep their worth when it comes to resale. An engagement ring or any other Tiffany jewellery that is in good condition can bring a fairly cent (practically!).

How much cash is a Tiffany necklace well worth? How about a Tiffany bracelet?

A Tiffany necklace or Tiffany bracelet’s price varies greatly from the resources, whenever it includes a diamond or any other
, the size and style and top quality incase its made of silver,
sterling silver
. Here are a few previous Tiffany necklace revenue at, including $2,100 to $4,700:

Elsa Peretti styles, such as the woman Tiffany bean necklace, Peretti’s gold cuff for Tiffany yet others, are also in popular should you want to sell.

Exactly how much is a Tiffany ring well worth?

The initial cost or resale price of a Tiffany involvement or other Tiffany band differs with dimensions, high quality and magnificence. Take a look at some recent Tiffany engagement ring sales at

Discover more about how much cash the gemstone is really worth

Carry out Tiffany watches hold their particular resale importance?

Like many Tiffany jewellery, Tiffany watches maintain a high selling value. Normally some previous Tiffany view sales on, all of these sold for over $1,000:

How can I get the best price when offering Tiffany precious jewelry?

Getting the lowest price when attempting to sell Tiffany jewelry has plenty related to selling to the right purchaser.
is actually our leading option for top-quality jewelry income due to its A+ bbb status, free qualified IGI or GIA lab report, and hundreds of vetted purchasers.

You’ll be able to optimize your income when you have the object’s original Tiffany bluish field (
understand why it is so essential below
) and any accompanying invoices and documents like a certification of credibility or information booklet regarding the part.

Ideas on how to appraise Tiffany precious jewelry

Although Tiffany & Co. will not carry out appraisals, any reputable market residence should appraise Tiffany jewelry available. You could also decide for a GIA laboratory report from an auction site like

Many neighborhood jewelers within area offers a
precious jewelry assessment
, actually at no cost. This could be a beneficial quote associated with the replacing value of the jewellery, which can help you obtain it guaranteed, and understand the importance. An area appraisal typically is a lot, higher as compared to real resale price.

But should you want to know the true worth of exacltly what the jewelry is really worth, as well as how much you can acquire for it by offering, you really need a professional laboratory report. An appraisal differs from the others than a
diamond research document, or a certification from a qualified gemologist

Within this clip from Antiques Roadshow, a woman with an 1870 Tiffany and Co. silver necklace underestimated the value of what she had:

Tips tell if Tiffany & Co. is genuine

Like anything useful, you can find scammers and rip-offs regarding deluxe jewellery brand names like Tiffany. Here’s how you’ll be able to understand whether the Tiffany band, necklace or other piece may be the genuine bargain:

Ideas on how to determine if a Tiffany diamond is actual

Just as a Rolex is both the most popular luxury see as well as the most subject to phony, counterfeit copy-cats, the initial, sought-after style of Tiffany jewelry is also usually copied by imposters.

The most effective and easiest way to make sure that you will do, without a doubt, possess a Tiffany diamond is to find a professional lab report from Gemological Institute of The united states. This is certainly a worldwide known 3rd party lab with very sophisticated equipment, as well as for $100- $300 (or more for larger stones) offers confirmation that Tiffany gemstone is actual (or not) and the full report associated with the diamond’s dimensions.

Any time you made a decision to
sell your own Tiffany jewelry with
(details below), the process includes a free GIA or IGI licensed laboratory document to hold whether you thought we would wrap up the sale or not.

If you do have a GIA official certification, you are able to double-check their credibility utilizing the no-cost and quick
GIA Report Check

Alternative methods to determine in case the Tiffany jewellery is actually genuine offer:

  • Examine the part’s as a whole quality
  • Breaks in links
  • Adequate spacing between letters
  • Sterling stamp on sterling items

Tiffany’s 4 C’s of expensive diamonds

I also suggest that inside period, you keep yourself well-informed regarding the well-known 4 C’s of diamonds. And here Tiffany’s special sauce is ever-evident.

The 4 C’s are a well-recognized basis for measuring the standard and property value your diamond. Tiffany diamond cutters simply take these elements one step further to make sure that every actual Tiffany diamond is associated with the best.


Cut is probably what sort of cutter slice the diamond, plus the skill and precision for the cutter’s work. The greater precise the cut, more gorgeous the diamond is check. Tiffany commits toward best quality incisions, and guarantees its expensive diamonds for a lifetime.


The color of gem-quality expensive diamonds occurs in colors starting from many important, D, that are completely colorless, to Z, or light-yellow. Better tones of yellow (also known as “canary expensive diamonds) and brown (“cognac expensive diamonds”), also “fancy” expensive diamonds being naturally bluish, red-colored, and pink tend to be graded by themselves, separate size.

Tiffany merely offers colorless, or almost colorless expensive diamonds. We have found Tiffany’s color size:


Expensive diamonds often have internal flaws also known as inclusions, or exterior traits titled imperfections. Expensive diamonds without inclusions or blemishes tend to be uncommon; however, many attributes can just only be seen with magnification. Whenever Tiffany diamond graders find a diamond’s clarity drops between two grades, Tiffany will designate the rock a lowered grade—and perhaps not inflate a diamond’s clearness quality.

Tiffany promises it never ever sells expensive diamonds with noticeable inclusions or blemishes.

Here is the diamond quality size through the United states Gem culture:

Carat weight

The carat could be the diamond’s bodily body weight assessed in metric carats. One carat equals 1/5 gram, or .20 grams, and is subdivided into 100 things.

Carat body weight is one of unbiased grade associated with 4Cs, plus in as well as it self doesn’t figure out resale price. It’s possible to have a 50-carat, low-quality diamond that is worth not as much as a high-quality diamond that weighs .5 carats.

Any time you resell jewellery, there are surefire techniques to maximize your earnings.

But with a Tiffany & Co. piece, you’ve got several additional actions to take.

Keep blue Tiffany field (and other things that came with you buy)

Keep in mind whenever I said there is a tad bit more to attempting to sell a Tiffany & Co. portion than the some other jewelry?

Right here truly.

You will find three main reasons providing that little bluish field matters really:

  1. Establishes the Tiffany precious jewelry’s authenticity.
  2. Purchasers wish the entire Tiffany experience.
  3. You can earn additional money.

The blue box helps establish your own jewelry’s authenticity.

Which is crucial that you both diamond buyers and the people that bid in your products. Tiffany & Co. jewelry has actually a few distinct trademarks, through the Tiffany & Co. stamp to your method the specific components of the portion are manufactured. But one of the primary items buyers seek assuring top quality will be the box.

Exactly Why? Because Tiffany & Co. bins are difficult to acquire. eBay vendors are not permitted to sell all of them, and they’ren’t commonly obtainable in other places.

A genuine Tiffany buy will happen with a package with all the shop’s name in a perfectly stamped standard font and paperwork confirming their legitimacy.

Buyers wish the sum of the package. {Literally|Virtu

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